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Natural · Honest

The HUG family promise

With the HUG family promise «natural and honest» Andreas and Werner Hug declare their intention to further strengthen their hitherto consciously cultivated attitude to raw materials by their signatures in the form of a guarantee seal.

«natural and honest» / Environment & Raw Materials





  • Swiss wheat & spelt
    We bake our tasty crackers using flour that is at least 90% pure Swiss; only if there are fluctuations in the harvest and to ensure a constant level of quality do we use flour of a different origin. 
  • Swiss rapeseed oil
    Wherever possible, we use Swiss rapeseed oil - which from a nutritional physiology perspective is the healthiest cooking oil - for the DAR-VIDA crackers.
  • Non-hydrogenated vegetable fats
    The DAR-VIDA crackers are produced without hardened vegetable fats.
  • Cocoa and hazelnuts from sustainable production
    In order to promote the production of sustainable cocoa and hazelnuts, we only use raw materials that contain cocoa (chocolate, cocoa powder, etc.) and almost exclusively only hazelnuts that have been grown according to the UTZ criteria in our production.
  • A minimum of food additives
    For our crackers, we only use the minimum of food additives required for baking.
  • No preservatives
    We do without any kind of preservatives. The DAR-VIDA crackers are preserved by purely physical processes such as baking, drying or roasting.
  • No artificial flavourings
    We do without the use of artificial flavourings entirely and make sure that our DAR-VIDA products have an authentic and subtle taste thanks to the natural raw materials. 
  • No raw materials from genetically modified plants
    Only raw materials that do not come from genetically modified plants are processed in our crackers. 
  • Eggs from free-range production
    Currently, no DAR-VIDA recipe contains eggs. If this should change, eggs from free-range production will be used. 

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