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2009 - today

Posters «Oh well, DAR-VIDA now also for nibbling»

Posters «Whole grain, smart snacking.»

DAR-VIDA again makes a claim: Whole grain, smart snacking.

Packaging evolution

DAR-VIDA nature with breezy wheat field.

DAR-VIDA, always ready to be enjoyed!

Introducing the new sandwiches.

Smart snacker campaign

Get involved in the smart snacker campaign

“Savour the flavour. The new BReAK.” Campaign

Introducing the new tasty treat from DAR-VIDA in three delicious flavours.

SIMPLY your life

Get rid of the ballast, keep things simple, that does you good. Tasty and healthy Snacking has never been this easy.

Crispy crackers for smart snackers.

Satisfying small pangs of hunger with tasty crunchy snacks is now also healthy.

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