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The beginning

The first baking tests for the DAR-VIDA wholegrain cracker were carried out in 1937 in the then Grieb & Co. biscuit bakery in Grosshöchstetten. The history of the name DAR-VIDA also goes back to this time too. Initially, the new type of wholesome wheat biscuit was only on sale through health food shops. Over time DAR-VIDA was discovered by mountaineers to be the ideal provision for excursions.

The first packaging

The first documented DAR-VIDA packaging of Grieb & Co.



DAR-VIDA in the Himalayas and on Swiss hiking trails.

DAR-VIDA is an ideal provision for hiking and expeditions. As long ago as 1956 DAR-VIDA was part of a Himalayan expedition.

Takeover of Grieb AG by HUG

In 1963 Grieb AG was taken over by HUG. In 1987 on the 50th birthday of DAR-VIDA a new oven came into operation and the production in Malters was then expanded and automated.

The name DAR-VIDA, by the way, has a really long history. The “inventor” of this wholegrain biscuit is said to have been seen for the first time in the thirties at Daren Ltd. in Dartford, England. That is where the “DAR” part of the name of the new product comes from. Originally the full name was to be “DAR-VITA" – “vita" which is “life” in Latin. However, for reasons related to trade mark law the word had to be changes slightly and the “t“ was replaces with a “d“, which gave today‘s DAR-VIDA.

Rich in vitamin B1.

An advertising campaign from the early 60s shows that DAR-VIDA already stood for healthy nutrition at that time. Then particular emphasis was laid on the high vitamin B content.

Retro-Spot «Mit viel Natur»


Packaging evolution

The first HUG DAR-VIDA package:



TV-Spot «Zusatznutzen»


Retro-Spot «Garantiezeichen»


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