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Folic Acid Action Foundation of Switzerland

The “Folic Acid Action Foundation of Switzerland“ (SFO) has the objective of closing the acid gaps in cooperation with food and drug manufacturers, in the retail trade and with expert bodies. Since January 2000 SFO has been distributing annually almost a million copies of the “Folic Acid Magazine“ which makes scientific studies available to a wide public and which organises specialist lectures. Today there are already over 200 products containing folic acid available to the public for everyday needs. In addition the Foundation supports young people affected by the consequences of folic acid deficiency during pregnancy and the resulting deformities, with financing for wheelchairs, handbikes, ski-monobobs and special youth sports camps.

DAR-VIDA, or rather HUG AG, has been an active partner since the start of the “folic acid offensive“ in 1999 and offers various products which contain folic acid.

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