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Food Pyramid


Balanced and enjoyable
Balanced and enjoyable food and drink are part of a healthy life style. It provides the body with energy and nutrients as well as antibodies; it promotes physical wellbeing and contributes to prevention of disease. In addition, it contributes to one of the joys of life, as balanced and enjoyable mealtimes are also times of pleasure, relaxation, contact and dialogue and exchange with others.

The Swiss food pyramid
The Swiss food pyramid illustrates a balanced diet. Foodstuffs on the lower pyramid levels are required in larger quantities than those on the higher levels, which are needed in lesser quantities. There are no forbidden foods. The combination in the right proportions is what makes for a healthy diet. It is important that the selection from the individual pyramid levels be as varied as possible and that they are prepared with care. In this way, the body is optimally provided with all the necessary nutrients and antibodies.

More information on the Swiss food pyramid

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