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The body quickly converts household sugar into glucose, which is easily absorbed through the intestinal wall and leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar. The rise in blood sugar triggers the release of insulin to lower the blood sugar again. Insulin, however, encourages the depositing of fat in fatty tissue. The blood sugar can sink low enough for a new feeling of intense hunger to arise, so that the body demands fast energy in the form of sugar.
To prevent this, it is important to consume complex carbohydrates, such as pulses, whole grain bread or DAR-VIDA. These prevent too swift a rise in blood sugar and a quick release of insulin.

DAR-VIDA whole grain crackers contain no refined sugar and are produced from whole grain, coarse-ground cereal. Thanks to a high proportion of dietary fibre and other secondary ingredients, whole grain products such as DAR-VIDA satisfy hunger for longer and avoid peaks in blood sugar levels.

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