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Health & enjoyment


Of course healthy eating should also be pleasurable and enjoyable; this is most likely to happen in company. It is not necessary to keep to these recommendations day by day, but you should keep to them over a longer period of time, a week for example. The recommended fluid intake is an exception; it is necessary to keep to this every day.

  1. Take plenty of calorie-free drinks, at intervals throughout the day.
  2. Eat vegetables and fruit every day, in as many different colours as possible.
  3. You should eat a side dish of foods containing starch with every main meal, preferably whole grain products.
  4. Once a day, eat meat, fish, eggs or another source of protein.
  5. Consume three portions of milk or milk products a day.
  6. Oils, fats and nuts should form part of your daily diet, but in small quantities.
  7. Where sweets and snacks are concerned: enjoy sparingly!
  8. Eat a variety of foods, and as far as possible eat foods in season.
  9. Take care to prepare food so as to preserve its nutrients and use salt with restraint.
  10. Enjoy your food. This is easiest to do in company.




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