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Fats and oils are among the basic nutrients for human beings. In the human body, they are needed to supply energy, to insulate from cold, to act as solvents for fat-soluble substances such as vitamins, protective padding for internal organs and the nervous system and as a component of cell membranes.
Apart from carbohydrates, fats are the most important sources of energy for cells. Per gram, they provide approx. 39 kJ or 9 kcal. This is more than double the amount delivered by 1 gram of carbohydrate or protein (17.2 kJ/g). The major part of fat deposited as an energy reserve in the human body comes from fats taken in with food, as the body can only convert other forms of energy it takes in (sugar and protein) into fat to a limited extent.

According to the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE) a fat intake of 30% of total energy is sufficient for an adult. A little more is no problem, as long as the excess is balanced out by reducing the fat intake over the next few days.

Since 1999 HUG has kept to its own self-imposed charter of ingredients, regulating the use of non-hydrogenated fats and since 2008 all the products DAR-VIDA products are produced with the healthiest oil, the colza oil. Hardened fat is often produced from plant oils by hydrogenation, creating so-called trans fatty acids. These artificial trans fatty acids cannot be completely broken down by the body and therefore increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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